Tascam Cheat Sheet

Buy 3 AA batteries – two for the recorder, and one for the XLR mic
Charge recorder, or plug into wall
Click Menu to adjust settings
FORMAT SD CARD, USE NEW CARD, 4 – 8 GIG, from Tascam approved list
Click on SET-UP
Quick Format

On the front of Tascam, choose mic option, adjust for:
UNI= on front
XLR=MIC- plug on left channel
OMNI= option offers wider angle
XLR MIC=Best Sound
Menu input settings – set to mono
Head Phones volume, adjust to 5-6
BARS must record from -6 to -12db
MIC gain= H (high) or medium – on back and on right side dial
FLASHING RED LIGHT IS NOT RECORDING – standby mode to set gain
MIC PLACEMENT  from 10-12 inches from the mouth, but record from the side, not from the front
Let audio record for 30 seconds before and after the interview for room noise


  • Proper mic placement and finding a quiet space are critical for success.
  • Capturing ’nat’ sound (interesting ambient sound) adds depth to a story.
  • Review interview skills to get useful soundbites.
  • Sssh! Don’t talk during subject’s response.
  • Listen to answer. Did your subject answer the question well? If not, ask again.
  • Be ready with a follow-up question.