Freeze action

Freezing action is dependent on your shutter speed. 

  • To capture fast moving subjects such as cars or sports, you need to use a fast shutter speed.
  • Refer to the chart below to pick shutter speed for freezing action.
  • Manual focus is best, but feel free to experiment with auto focus.
  • Pre-focusing on spot where you anticipate the action going is effective.

The Chart below provides general guidelines for stopping motion. This chart illustrates the three variables of motion that will affect which shutter speed to choose to freeze action – the speed of your subject, the distance of your subject, the angle that your subject is moving in relationship to the camera.



Shoot action shots of your partner:

  • walking down interior stairs
  • running down exterior stairs
  • shoot horizontals (for all assignments)
  • frame head to toe or from waist up

Competency #2 deliverables: Post four pictures – two depth-of-field shots, one wide open aperture, one with aperture closed to small opening, and two action shots ascending or descending stairs (one inside, one outside). Due at the end of class next week. Name post category ‘competency.’ Please shoot color, use proper white balance. Pictures must be sharp and well exposed!