Neighborhood story

Neighborhood Story

Carry out all the tasks described below using Twitter. The goal is to help you get comfortable with using Twitter in different ways.  Only tweets count, and only if they include the correct hashtag. All tweets must be on the same account (your own account).

IMPORTANT: Use the #304c1 and #304northend in all of your tweets.

Include descriptive text with each tweet.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, February 14th, at 2:30 pm for your tweets and Wednesday, February 21st for your Storify.  Your tweet containing a working link to your Storify must be posted to your blog by the deadline.

Tips for Great Tweets:
Think about the text you are writing in the tweet. Avoid abbreviations, obscure slang, and profanity.
Think like a PROFESSIONAL. Show as well as explain with text.
Think like a storyteller. You have 280 characters in each tweet, but you can say a lot if you tap into your creative heart. Make every word count.

Start with an introductory tweet with a scene-setter or two that explains what you are doing and why. Include the hashtag on these tweets. A good Twitter persona (one whom others want to follow) always keeps an eye open for novel and even important information that might be relevant and INTERESTING to an audience. (This is why people laugh about tweeps who tweet their lunch. Who cares about your stupid lunch? Unless it’s something unique or special.)

Bring your perspective and voice, but always think about a real live audience—and try not to drive them away! Will they like what you are about to tweet?

Photo quality matters. Photos must be clear and sharp, not fuzzy or dark. The composition of the photo needs to show thought and care. Make your images count!

ID your subjects in your tweets.

You are a journalist and a professional. Your audience is bigger than your friends and family. MUCH bigger. (If it isn’t yet, it will be.)

The Rules:

When you have  finished, you will create a Storify that contains all of the following:

    • Use three of your own tweets from this assignment.
    • Three tweets from your classmates (search #jo304e1 to find them.)
  • Title, description, and brief text before EACH tweet that introduces or explains it.
  • Include three graphs for context: led, nut, final
  • find a story angle after reviewing tweets.

No Storify? No grade.

NOTE: Your final tweet for the assignment must include the link to the Storify. Make sure it also includes the #jo304e1, #northend. (Make sure you publish the Storify, make it public and put it on your blog and twitter.

Your goal is to make the story publishable. You will not get full credit simply for providing 10 tweets. They have to meet the criteria AND be excellent quality.