Audio Slideshow

Create an audio slideshow with five brief interviews approximately 20 seconds each. You will work with your partner to record strong soundbites on a topical question. You will capture a series of portraits of your subject answering the question. You also need to include a scene-setter image of where you are asking questions and you need to include ‘nat’ sound.

Find a location for your interviews that works visually and that will allow you to capture sound well. Also, pick a location that will allow you to interview a diverse group.

Good background and good lighting for your photos are very important. Good mic placement and gain settings are important for your audio. Including a scene setter and ‘nat’ sound in your piece will give your story some depth.

Your audio-slideshow will be posted to your blog and will include a well-written headline and a five-graph story to summarize your results, to include quotes and to add the context of why your question is important, timely and of interest your audience.