creating an audio slideshow

Before Class this week:
Review FCPX Izzy through tutorial 26.
Review Media Storm Field Guide for shooting photos + b-roll and 180 degree rule.
In lightroom
edit visual sequences from a variety of shots of a variety of situations 
  • color correct photos
  • crop images to 16×9
  • export photos as custom name w/sequence
  • change image size to 3000pix x 3000pix
Bring to class:
  • folder of edited photos
  • audio transcript for Assignment one, with highlighted soundbites, approximate time frame in margin.
In class we will create an audio slideshow in FCPX
  • set up library, event and project
  • check button to ‘leave files in place’
  • set project as 1080p 24fps
  • add soundbites and photos to the timeline 
  • add lower thirds for title (on first image) and to introduce characters
  • add ‘credits’ title at the end 
  • make adjustments to audio levels 
  • share movie as ‘master (apple pro res422)’ 
  • use Compressor to compress to h.264 codec for online 
  • upload compressed movie to Vimeo or YouTube account
  • add permissions and copy embed code 
  • paste code into a blog post, add title to post
  • review some audio slideshows