Class Project on local story

The ‘breaking news’ feature

Safety first – mind the gap, and keep out of the way of moving trains. Know where you are – know where the train is – don’t cross paths. Keep a safe distance. Don’t frighten the driver. Be Careful!

As a class project, create 90-second multimedia feature on the Green Line using: interviews, b-roll, nat sound, and photos.

Time budget:

shooting 4 – 4:35 pm

airdrop / edit sequences 4:45 – 5:30 (interviews + b-roll)

final edit 5:30 – 6:00 (writer/researcher, editor, producer, assistant producer)

screening 6 pm

1080p 24fps

correct white balance

because iPhone shoots wide you need to get close sometimes.

Two interviewers – shoot tight for good sound

  • formulate questions
  • How well does the Green Line serve BU community? (specific)
  • Would you bury the Greenline?
  • How do you feel about the the Green Line? (open ended question)
  • Do you have any frustrations with the Green Line?
  • edit best two soundbites each

Three b-roll shooters

  • creative angles
  • wide, medium, tight shots
  • on train, on platform
  • people
    • on their phone
    • waiting/looking/smoking
    • tight, groups
  • edit two best sequences

nat sound journalist
capture several distinctive sounds

  • brakes, train take-off, interior – speaker barking, train rumbling
  • edit, adjust sound
  • send mp3 to editor
  • cc:


Shoot lede photo to use with title and byline

Shoot a sequence of four photos that might work as a lead-in

Artful shot of the train

    • entering tunnel with red lights showing
    • panning


is it America’s oldest line?

how many people/students ride the Green Line

how many riders use Green Line daily

BU students?

how much does a driver make

how many hours do they spend under Boston Streets


  • download sequences from smugmug
    use three best sound bites
    three or four good b-roll sequences
    add, titles, lower thirds, transitions
    adjust audio, add fades
    color grade
    export master, create compressed version, upload to smugmug

assistant editor – work with writer/researcher
gather info for:

    • slides for story context / watch interviews
    • title + byline – gather this early and give credit by job, i.e writers, camera work, interviews
    • send info to editor by email

producer – manage content flow 

  • work directly with journalists from all areas
    add title, find story arc, lede, twist and wrap-up
  • tech genius – knows stuff but can Google stuff