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Assignment 4, Flash!


Creative Flash
Choose 3 of the following 5 assignments.


First option – Two heads with direct or bounce flash

• Fill frame.
• Shoot inside only.

Second option – Fill-flash with direct flash

  • Shoot outside only, with sun behind or to the side of the subject. Take meter reading off bright background.
  • You will fill shadows with flash.
  • Want to see background.
  • For manual flash exposure use guide number to calculate f-stop (GN=DxF).
  • Dedicated flash or TTL (through the lens).

Third option – Bounce portrait

  1. Bounce flash off ceiling or wall to light subject. Use TTL or manual mode.
  2. Within manual mode calculate distance of flash to subject. Open 1/2 to full stop, depending on ceiling brightness.
  3. Tight portrait or environmental portrait okay.

Fourth option – Group of 10 people

  • Focus 1/3 into group (1/3 in foreground; 2/3 in background for max sharpness).
  • Using bounce flash is best.
  • Shoot from a high angle when possible.
  • Compose subject tightly and use good background.Deliverables:
    Upload three images.

Fifth option – Open flash, direct and un-synchronized• Use 30 seconds for shutter speed.
• Hand hold flash and make multiple exposures using test button.
• Need dark background, best to shoot outdoors in dark, open space. • Can light large areas. Make sure subject is fully lit by flash.