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Assignment 8: Self Portrait

Self Portrait


The objective is to create a nice portrait of yourself that expresses something about you.  The photograph must be taken INDOORS and WITHOUT FLASH.


  • Give information about yourself.  An environmental portrait is okay but not required.  Be expressive.
  • Self-timer and tripod suggested, though a long cable release will also work.
  • With a tripod a slow shutter speeds will work.
  • May use a mirror.
  • Be careful with your focus.  You may be shooting with a wide f-stop so your depth of field will be rather small.  It is helpful to have someone stand in for you, or set up a prop to focus on where your face will be.
  • Try several types of shots.
  • Pay attention to lighting and composition—be careful of sharp lines in the background.


Two unique photos are due on this assignment. Please show variety!