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WordPress Blog Handout

Get a free WordPress blog here!

Here’s an online tutorial on how to get started.

Make sure you include your name in the WordPress URL.

Pick a theme that includes a sidebar that will list your ‘categories.’

Pick a theme with a banner option. This will brand your identity as a visual journalist. Add a tagline, that also helps that identity.

Add categories and tags to your posts. The categories will help your audience to find posts that appeal to them, and tags will boost SEO (search engine optimization) to make it easy to find your stories online.

Create a page titled ‘about me’ so that your audience knows who you are, what you do and what they will find on your blog. You are a communicator, this writing is a sample of your work, so make it professional and make it a good story. A story has a good lede to draw your audience in; character building – interesting facts about you and your professional background (awards, jobs, internships, education) and aspirations; and a wrap-up that should include a ‘call to action’ like please check out my latest post – create a link to the post or gallery that you want to show off.