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Assignment 10: The Photo Essay


Present ten photographs in a logical sequence


The objective is to synthesize skills learned throughout the semester to tell a story in a sequence of images that have a relationship to each other.  This is an introduction to ‘the photo essay.’ Students should use a variety of distances, angles and focal lengths to shoot photos while documenting an event, a theme, or a story.  The assignment will count as 20% of the final grade.



Required Topic

Document Boston’s North End neighborhood, show faces and use full captions with complete names. Shoot action and reaction shots, portraits, detail shots and scene setters. Shoot a variety of scenes and situations. Shoot wide, medium, tight and detail shots to capture different types of information about your neighborhood story. Try to find low angles and high angles of your subject as part of your coverage.




Upload ten images in the order of your choice.

Create a gallery on your blog and upload to class folder.