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Mini Multimedia

Mini Multimedia Exercise:
Due next week:

Shoot a photo story, add ‘nat’ sound and soundbite.

Pick a topic in your beat:
Arts and Culture
     Photograph a visual artist, Soundbite idea – ask who, what, why
Business Story
     Food Truck, Ask a business question
List photo possibilities:
General Documentary
     Document a neighborhood, Ask: What is unique about this neighborhood?
What ’Nat’ sounds will you hear in a neighborhood?
At the laundry washing clothes.
What are the sounds you might hear?
What are the photo possibilities?
Covid 19
How has Covid 19 affected daily life
On the T
A professor lecturing in an empty classroom
Dining Halls?
Stairway traffic

What other topics or beats can you think of?
Shoot seven unique and distinct images with storytelling background.
Shoot with 16×9 aspect ratio,
Images must be sharp and well-edited
Include scene setter, portrait(s), wide, medium and tight shots of action.
Pick a story with good ‘nat’ sound
Audio Soundbite:
use voice memo
Avoid noisy background to capture sound bite
Mic Placement, closer gives better sound. One foot ideal, 3-4 feet might work
Ask subject to repeat question in answer. 
Edited soundbite length, 15 seconds.
Audio ’Nat’ sound.
T doors opening
T announcements
T brakes squealing to a stop
T train acceleration sound
Other ‘nat’ sounds
A dog barks
Seagulls cry
Washer Dryer humming and whirling
Deliverables (to your desktop) by next week: 
A folder of edited photos, and a folder of recorded sound.