Semi-Pro in only five weeks!

Your first assignment on portraits, shot in the sun and shade (or shadow) – is due on the fourth class.

On the second class meeting, I’ll check out everyone’s gear and make sure that your camera menu settings are good, and that you can adjust your shutter, aperture and iso, use camera’s light meter and understand how to read your histogram. Everyone also needs to adjust the diopter on the viewfinder as well.Then we will head out for a brief field trip, 45 mins., to practice shooting portraits.
On week three, we will use those images to learn to edit in Lightroom – to download, edit, tag, caption and convert to jpg and sRGB, and to export. Takes about 90 minutes.
On the fourth week, your first assignment is due at the end of lab – you’ll have about 75 minutes to edit and deliver your assignment. You can start shooting your anytime and you have three weeks to finish.
This pacing works well to help you meet the goal of understanding the basis of Basic Photo in three weeks. Two weeks after that, you’ll know how to shoot shutter and aperture priority in manual mode. This makes you semi-pro.