Add Tags/Categories To Posts

Blogging Tips

When you create a post, please add tags and categories. If you tag your post well with unique and specific key words, your viewers will be able to find your work online. I made a nice sale yesterday because a Russian publication found a portrait that I shot of Michail Gorbachev on my site that they wanted to use in their publication.

Categories are useful to organize your posts. It’s an easy way for you to curate your site to help your viewers to see the type of work that you publish. If you are using your blog for multiple BU journalism classes, please use JO304 as a category so that I can find everything that you publish for this class.

If you are using Wix then click here to learn how to add categories.
Click here for Squarespace.
Click here for WP.
Click here for Medium.

There are several different ways to embed Instagram Posts and video. The easiest way is to copy/paste the url directly into your post using the visual tab. You can also copy/paste the embed code (under the text tab) that you can get from Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube. Click here for tips on how to embed into your WordPress post.