iMovie App Editing

iMovie Editing tips

Preparing to shoot your movie

  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged.
  • Clean up your device, clear space to store files.
  • Delete unwanted apps, back-up photos and videos using iCloud or Lightroom.
  • Carry a charger with you.
  • set camera for 1080P@24fps.
  • use manual exposure and good lighting
  • set exposure, white balance and ISO

Organize your movie assets

Transfer your video to the device you are using to edit in iMovie.

  • You can use airdrop, or upload your files to the iCloud
  • If you are using the cloud you will need to download the clips through iMovie before inserting into your timeline. Click the cloud symbol to download.
  • Transfer audio files with airdrop.

To create a new movie, click the (+).

  • Choose: create movie.
  • Start by selecting the media you want to use.
  • When your clip is selected in iMovie, hit the (+) to add it to your timeline.
  • You can trim your clip in your timeline, or before you import it using the yellow bars.

Editing tips

  • add a split to your clip where you need to create certain actions – like adding a title, lower-thirds, audio edit, etc.
  • to fade sound – detach the audio, select the audio clip and find the fade control next to the volume slider.
  • click on the T to create title.
  • to add fade in/out or to select theme – click the gear next to the (+).
  • pinch the clip in the timeline to expand or contract.
  • don’t forget to add lower thirds, title, and credits.
  • cut video clips on the action!

Saving and sharing

  • When your movie is complete you can export it to Vimeo or You Tube using the share button.
  • Save it back to your photo roll to save movie on your device.
  • Embed movie to blog and share with social media to drive traffic to your site.