The X-ing

Today’s assignment:

Edit a 20 second video sequence using four clips. Shoot wide, medium, close-up and detail shot of your subject. Please choose a subject that’s visual. Also pick a subject where you can record unique ‘nat’ sound. A butcher shop might be a good place to find strong visuals and unique sound. Or maybe document the neighborhood cop, the street musician, or an Uber driver. Try to think who would make a good profile from your beat.

Getting access takes time, so try not to rush the process. Make sure your subject will give you the time you need to complete your filming and sound recording. This can be done solo, but it is a good team project to split tasks of shooting video and recording sound. When you are finished filming, share assets with each other and then cut your own 20 second video. Add a title and credits.

This is a non-sync sound project. After you add your four video clips to the project, add the ‘nat’ sounds. Try to create a J-cut where you lead with the sound, then show the video clip of what is making the sound.

Use iMovie to create sequence, trim clips, add transitions, audio fades, sound adjustments to audio clips, lower thirds, title, and credits. Publish your movie sequence to your blog. And add 125 words to tell me who, what, when, where and why.

We will use class time to review file management and iMovie editing. Your 20 second video is due next week.

You may be able to use this 20 second video in your final project, which will consist of four sequences, an opening shot, a closing shot and an audio interview.